Magnesium Sheets Production Line

Fully Automatic Twin Roll Casting (TRC) machine was designed and developed in ARTA-Mag to produce commercial and new in-house developed alloys.

Magnesium Pipe/Rod/Strips Production Using Extrusion

Toward the goal of improving low cost, high strength Mg Alloys for various applications, produced in ARTA-Mag R/D section.

Biodegradable Implants

ARTA-Mag is proud of developing an especial alloy which is useful for human health and can be utilized for orthopaedic surgery. This degradation-controllable material omit the requirement for removal surgery of osteo-implants.

Especial Alloys

For several years our scientists worked on especial alloys and now ARTA-Mag has develop,ed Magnesium alloys with especial properties such as Stainless Magnesium, Ignition Resistance and Ultra-high strength alloys

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Ahmad Bahmani
Ahmad BahmaniCo-Founder & CEO
– Ph.D in Materials Science, Seoul National University (SNU), Korea
– Co-Founder and Chief Executive Manager (CEO)
– Magnesium (Corrosion protection, Casting, Forming), Advanced Lightweight Metals, Bio-metals
Behzad Nayebi
Behzad Nayebi Co-Founder
– Ph.D in Materials Science, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran
– Co-Founder of ARTofMAG and ARTofBio (Biomaterials) Manager
– Advanced Lightweight Metals and Ceramics, Bio-materials, UHTCs
Amir Sadeghi
Amir SadeghiSales Manager
– Ph.D in Materials Science,
– Sales Manager, Member of the Executive
– Advanced Coating Technologies, Bio-materials, Surface Sciences

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