Corrosion/Degradation Behavior

Several years of our experience in developing stainless Magnesium, biodegradable implants, and characterization of Mg corrosion strengthen us to provide a full consultation and characterisation for researchers and industry in this way.

Mechanical Properties

We are experienced in improving and characterisation of mechanical properties of light metals, such as Mg and Al alloys. Therefore ARTA-Mag R&D team is ready to characterize and improve the mechanical properties of the alloys regarding to the request of industries and research centers.

Alloy Development

ARTA-Mag can design the customized alloy with the requested properties for various application using different processing tools such as casting, rolling, extrusion, severe plastic deformation and powder metallurgy.

Advanced Machines Producing

Our multidiscipline-experienced team of mechanical, materials science and electronic engineers, known as ARTA-Machines, can design and manufacture machines and robots for various processing and manufacturing technologies. Our new fully automatic Twin Roll Casting (TRC) (A-TRC) is recently finalized and we welcome to all industries and scientists to cooperate for making customised advanced machines.

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